an assault on the runway….

monday stars-in-your-eyes to you m’loves. katie here, posting with scraped knees, a sore back, and my ass in my hands, fed-exed to me, straight from the universe. lemme just tell you, if you have ever wondered about the existence of lady karma…she exists; she is ALIVE, she is well, and she has a great sense of humor. here’s how her latest handiwork went down: friday night i was asked to participate in lululemon’s sweat collective fashion show at fashion island. a bunch of ambassadors, former and current, and local instructors showed off lululemon’s latest fall styles. i was overjoyed to participate with fitness’ finest and some of my best friends. here we are pictured above: nicci morris, leigh {see? she’s still sort of blogs}, and cassie. all week-long i channelled my inner naomi campbell: i swaggered, i pranced, i peacocked, and half-turned with a jutted hip and narrow gaze. the…

it’s friday i’m in love….

happy friday my fellow full-moon lovelies! katie here, sporting my new  fila heritage settanta ii jacket! it’s the perfect weight for this bi-polar weather we’ve been having lately: chilly in the morning, blazing hot at lunch time, and then frigid again in the afternoon. it also lets me give good margot tenenbaum around town. i’m loving this jacket along with a few other items i’m willing to share with you.  i am losing major sleep reading celeste ng’s newest novel “little fires everywhere.” i was a big fan of her debut, “everything i never told you,” the page-turning winner of the new york times alex award, about a family in the 1970’s coming to grips with the death of their daughter. i am liking her new one even better. ng is so great at taking every day suburban life and making it taut, tense and thriller-like; even when there isn’t a criminal…