holy hyrdation BATMAN!!!

tuesday tickles to you lovers. katie here. for today’s public service announcement i’m going straight to skincare…{surprise! surprise!} around 2 years ago my, once exxon valdez oil’like  of a complexion, turned on me, and my face suddenly dehydrated into a saharan desert version of itself. i know proper water consumption is important and i DO notice a giant difference when my water intake is up; but i’m not going to pretend i’m some goody-two shoes gwenyth who chugs down alkaline water all day long. i LOATHE drinking water. it grosses me out. i do like sparkling mineral water, but the use of disposable plastic/glass/the waste/trash/what it does to our planet, etc makes me wanna barf even more…so i just stay bitter and parched instead. as for skincare supplementation, luckily i DO have some products that provide the much-needed hydration my skin lacks. during the day i use jordan samuel hydrate…

keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’…with your jade roller.

happy monday sweethearts. katie here, back from vacation, unrested and beset with the need to recover; note to self: traveling with a toddler isn’t the same as a ‘couple’s only’ trip. i’m happy to be home and back on my regular schedule of structured madness. today i’m talking to you about jade rolling. i was first introduced to jade massage during a facial at ling skincare; still hands down one of the best facials of my life. tina, the aesthetician massaged my face with a cold, mint green device called the “jade roller'” and described to me how it helped the products dissipate deeper into my skin, stimulated my collagen, and warded off wrinkles. all i knew was that it felt incredible, and i had to have one. better yet, i bought TWO! these are not expensive. i purchased mine on amazon, and the reason i got two was so i…