eye-doll serum: marie veronique

happy wednesday kittens, katie here, talking beauty, small-business, and rolling-blackouts. it’s like a billion degrees here in southern california. yesterday you could deep-fry your thanksgiving turkey in the neighborhood swimming pool it was so scorching. mindful and considerate  {insert sarcasm font} southern california, responded to the heat wave by cranking up their industrial strength A/C units, running their dishwashers all day long and washing loads of laundry—thus resulting in rolling blackouts across the county. sutton and i got all colonial with our candle collection {which only added to the greenhouse effect} waiting for the power to go out…..luckily for us though, our side of the street remained galvanized and our ceiling fans worked overtime all night long. if there’s any terrority i’m especially more prioritized with in my war against fine lines and wrinkles, it’s my seditious and often ungovernable undereye territories. albeit well provided for, with various tinctures, creams,…

i’ve got an oil for that…….

happy monday dearhearts. katie here, coming in HARD from a weekend of patching with pumpkins and eating my weight in cheddar cheese…..{WHAT!?!-i had a craving!!,} i’m back to the shimmy and shake as we wind down october; although in the last 24 hours the weather has felt like both january AND july. mr. wind {as sutton calls it} swept through so-cal, turning my already lizard-like skin into parchment paper; cobblers and craftsmen from all over are offering me mad cash for my face and hands so they can create their next IT handbag  and  loafer. luckily i’m able to stave trappers off with my newest find: AHAVA’s dry oil mist. i am a bit of an oil snob. typically they’re TOO oily, too sticky, too aromatic {i like to wear them when i teach–so i can’t wear anything heavily perfumed,} OR they have too much going on in them {ie ingredients}…