monday happy to you lovely mermaids.

katie here.

today i’m officially a mother of a toddler. my sutton sinclair turned two this morning, and just like that my heart has grown another vast ocean where the currents of love and fear cyclone around each other hourly.

at least once a day i catch my breath at how much i adore her, and in the next inhale, i’m panting into a paper sack at the thought of her suffering harm.


something else stealing my heart is the all organic beauty line captain blankenship.

inspired by coastal summers in maine, captain blankenship products celebrate the gorgeous combo-bite of salty air and forest flora found in the northeast. {my trip to maine IS still hands down my most favorite vacation ever.}

i have already gone through a bottle and a half of their meteor cosmic freshening spray. made from organic vetiver, ylang ylang, + wild harvested pine essential oils, the meteor cosmic freshening spray showers any space in an invigorating, gleaming, heavenly scent.

i spray it all around right before i teach class. it wakes me up, inspires me, and i think also gets the room bright-eyed as well.

another favorite is their avocado + peppermint hand, cuticle and foot balm.

i’m kind of foot-obsessed. i spend way too much time on trying to have pretty feet, but i wont get pedicures; i think they’re a waste of money and i hate all of the chemicals; and don’t get me started on all the times a nail technician has accused me of lying about my ethnicity—i’m japanese and here’s my driver’s license sweetheart.

i do a lot of home grooming with homemade oils + sprays, buffing, clipping, etc.

but captain blankenship’s avocado + peppermint hand, cuticle and foot balm has cut my podiatry prolongation in half!

blended from organic avocado oil, shea butter, calendula extract, cocoa butter, rosehip seed oil, and wild harvested myrhh essential oil; this THICK, minty salve keeps feet baby soft and odor free—people {!!}: feet do not have to smell—yes even after spin class they can smell lovely.

all of captain blankenship’s products are organic, wild-harvested, and cruelty-free.  each concoction is free of synthetic preservatives, parabens, sulfates or “fragrance.”  they are committed to a clean environment, and only use recyclable and reusable glass packaging.

i love to buy my captain blankenship products from follain; they are a non-toxic online beauty boutique with the BEST products. they ship for free with a $45 purchase. they’re having a great sale right now too.

so happy monday to you…..and happy birthday my darling sutton sinclair.




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