friday i’m in love….

 happy friday the 13th my loves! katie here. as you can see, i’m getting into the halloween “spirit” around the house. sutton has picked out, we’ve purchased, and she’s now refused to wear {2} halloween costumes already. we’ve decided she will be dressing up as a “vacillating, vexing, vixen” for halloween. her new favorite thing is to {jammie-clad, with a “bubba” in her mouth} find my highest, most ridiculous heels and prance around the house, sutton kardashian west-style, pretending to ignore “all of the people” {???????} watching her. here’s to hoping they open a sober-living home on my street———-FOR ME! i do love my silly, wacky, imaginative girl….here are a few other things i am loving on too: i’m about as out of date as the mayonnaise i still have in my fridge from a bridal shower i gave years ago {the bride is now on her second kid}—i…

falling for sage

wednesday love to you fancy-faces. katie here. i change up the fragrances in the household and on my person with every season; nothing more baffling to me than drinking hot apple cider, on a dark winter night, lit aglow by a coconut-mango scented candle, whilst bundled up in a plumeria/jasmine-perfumed cashmere sweater….i’m twitching just setting this undisciplined scene. as the days grow darker, this time of year calls for a transition to smokier, moodier scents. spice, vanilla, amber, tobacco, pear, white musk, and honey are all top notes i gravitate toward this time of year. but i have to be careful—too heavy a hand and i’m smelling like a bath and body works. these types of rich scents have a tendency to run strong; dosages and ingredients are important. so far i love sage’s amber perfume. made here in southern california, sage are artisan perfumes based on gemstones. sage perfumes…