mommy got a brand new bag….

happy november m’loves! katie here, nursing a major mr. goodbar hangover. last night we tricked, we treated, we practiced our “thank you”‘s, and like good parents, we ate all of sutton’s candy once she went to bed. what?! the girl forgets to wear pants sometimes {!}–she’s not going to remember a baby skittle’s bag. today i’m talking to you about  angela roi. my office mate recently acquired the bag of my dreams the season, and ever since she came in toting her celine vertical tri-fold , i’ve been researching  factory farms to get me my own. but alas, that goddamn bleeding heart of mine got the best of me, and also the fact that i’m paying for nursery school forbid me from throwing down any of sutton’s tuition on accessory shopping….at least until she’s in public school —-then phoebe philo will be on my speed dial. instead of celine, mommy got an angela…

an assault on the runway….

monday stars-in-your-eyes to you m’loves. katie here, posting with scraped knees, a sore back, and my ass in my hands, fed-exed to me, straight from the universe. lemme just tell you, if you have ever wondered about the existence of lady karma…she exists; she is ALIVE, she is well, and she has a great sense of humor. here’s how her latest handiwork went down: friday night i was asked to participate in lululemon’s sweat collective fashion show at fashion island. a bunch of ambassadors, former and current, and local instructors showed off lululemon’s latest fall styles. i was overjoyed to participate with fitness’ finest and some of my best friends. here we are pictured above: nicci morris, leigh {see? she’s still sort of blogs}, and cassie. all week-long i channelled my inner naomi campbell: i swaggered, i pranced, i peacocked, and half-turned with a jutted hip and narrow gaze. the…