monday stars-in-your-eyes to you m’loves.

katie here, posting with scraped knees, a sore back, and my ass in my hands, fed-exed to me, straight from the universe.

lemme just tell you, if you have ever wondered about the existence of lady karma…she exists; she is ALIVE, she is well, and she has a great sense of humor.

here’s how her latest handiwork went down:

friday night i was asked to participate in lululemon’s sweat collective fashion show at fashion island. a bunch of ambassadors, former and current, and local instructors showed off lululemon’s latest fall styles.

i was overjoyed to participate with fitness’ finest and some of my best friends. here we are pictured above: nicci morris, leigh {see? she’s still sort of blogs}, and cassie.

all week-long i channelled my inner naomi campbell: i swaggered, i pranced, i peacocked, and half-turned with a jutted hip and narrow gaze. the people at trader joes  gaped, open mouthed at me in confusion, and peet’s coffee politely asked me to leave for disrupting their morning service. but what did they know? i was a supermodel for the week.

i may have gone a bit far when i tried to fist fight leigh for wearing a similar grit cycle jacket, but it was all in an effort of getting into my anger-issues of being a supermodel.

as you can see, our walks were fierce: kylie, bela, and karlie were looking into early retirement.

for MY moment on the runway, there was no holding back. i was going to make up for a lifetime of my mother pinching the the skin of my tricep, sneering the words: “don’t be bold!” into my ear.—-i gave new definition to grandstand…there were three-quarter turns,  marilyn monroe-twirls, pivots, smirks, and saunters. they had to drag me off the runway foaming at the mouth.

backstage, i prepared for my final walk as the entire team took one more final, group runway stroll—or in my mind {so my fans could get one more glimpse.}

with montell jordan’s “this is how we do it” pumpin out of the speakers, feeling my most fabulous, i danced and most smugly skipped my way up the stairs to the runway.

this is where lady karma stepped in. she’d been watching all week-long, witnessing my runway behavior that even the most diva of diva’s would deem haughty.

lady karma strategically placed my friend and all around great guy, dane miklaus {an amazing trainer and owner at work,} right in front of me, where i tripped over his foot.

down i went.

and i’m not talking, “oooh, pardon me i slipped“—–i was “TIMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”—a slide into home base fall.

you can’t really see it, but just LISTEN to this video… can hear “the horror show” of my fall…

is that the funniest thing you’ve EVER heard!?!? –“oh my GAWD!!!!!!??!”

on to more important things: lululemon! the clothes. i’m sure it will be the last time they ask me to wear their amazing athletic-wear in public again, but in case you are wondering, i’m wearing the get set sport’s bra in deep lux and the fast & free 7/8 tight II nulux 25″ in frozen flourish multi.

so there you have it. my runway-model career begun and beheaded in less than 10 minutes. i’m actually ok with that; i’m not very good with being bitchy and the snacks at the anger management classes suck.





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