so last week leigh had to get fancy and black-tied for the john wayne odyssey ball, and katie had her standing, saturday morning, waddlers + tiny tykes group at my gym.

spray tans were obviously in order.

we made online appointments at the best in the business: the bronzed bunny right here in costa mesa, california.

this is not your tacky cousin’s tanning salon–the one you “SWORE” you sent a wedding invitation to.

the bronzed bunny feels like the gorgeous and comfortable living room of that southern california beach house, you’re dying to live in…. without your kids, pets or spouse.

it’s equipped with great smelling products, fun accessories, and bellinis + coffee {swoon} while you wait.

the poor staff needed booze and caffeine just to deal with our ghostliness.

we’re pretty sure pantone is creating a new shade of white called the “kateigh.”

we both chose the “organic rapid tan” because you can shower much earlier after being sprayed.

~~~actually leigh made all tanning decisions- it had been so long since she’d been “tanned” katie didn’t even know you had a “friend” actually spraying you–she thought you still pushed a button and did the monster stance.

their tanning solution is truly organic. it is free of any toxic chemicals and parabens. we made a smoothie and kombucha balls out it afterward.

here we are post-spray with the original, boss bunny herself, jenni castro, the owner of the bronzed bunny. she’s a total babe and all around bitchin human being; this is a good one to have on your team!

bronzed bunny is the ONLY place you should be going for your tans!

our skin is the largest organ on our body. plus when you’re sprayed you can’t help but inhale some of the solution; you do NOT want to ingest that chemical crap in most conventional compounds.

the tans were perfect. leigh looked like a hollywood starlett at her ball, and katie looked great in her thong bikini at mygym.

bronzed bunny also offers sugaring {a form of hair removal} and body services like facials for your bottoms {yes, no need to read that again.}

so get yourself over to the bunny and get yourself some SAFE sun—tell them “straight outta prozac” sent you.


leigh + katie

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